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Are there skates to rent even though the river trail is not open?

Yes there are skates to rent

Are the washrooms open?

Yes they have washrooms opened now.

Is the skating trail open yet?

The land trail is open with nets infront of the stage. Pretty sure the river trail was getting a good flood today!

is there a ice cream shop

Neon cone has fresh gelato and ice cream! Yum yum!

Ate pets (dogs) allowed in the forks?

I seen lots of dogs on leashes

Should i visit winnipeg. If yes, How many days is ok to stay?

3-4 to see and do and eat at all the good spots

Is the skating rank melted or could we go skating tonight

It's closed

How much do you need to pay to skate?

Skating is free, but skate rentals are 6$ for adults and 4$ for children and seniors.

Is there a cozy spot for a wedding ceremony

I had my ceremony in the Oodena Celebration Circle. Decently cheap at only $300 if I recall. Only thing was no covering if it rained (it didnt thank god) and it was a super hot day. All the pics were wonderful, everyone was wrapped around the front side with rented chairs for some and the steps for others. We even rented a slush machine for people to have before and after due to the heat.

Is the children's play area/ structure / park reopened?


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